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Currently offering commercial, product, & landscape photography

I also offer on-site headshot photography for my business clients.

PORTRAIT| gallery


EQUIPMENT| methods



primary camera

This is my go-to camera.

The Nikon D810 is an amazing camera and my favorite new toy. My favorite lenses are my Nikon 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 85mm & 24mm.





2nd camera

I generally use the Nikon D7100 as my camera as back-up and to switch out lenses.

I normal use it with my 50mm or 85mm lens {close-up or low light}, 24-70mm, or 300mm lens. For event photography I often tether both cameras to me with a strap system so I can quickly switch as needed.




Adobe Photoshop & Wacom Tablet

{ RAW }

I shoot in raw format {as opposed to .jpg}. In raw a digital camera picks up additional detail that can be brought out in processing.


I process all of my final images through both Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop, checking each for color, detail, exposure and many other details. I also do touch-up and full-out surgery as I deem fitting to the particular image(s).


My other essential tool? A drawing tablet. Many types of photo-edits can get super detailed. When you get in those situations a mouse is far too inaccurate and will not only make you crazy, it will make some edits nearly if not entirely impossible. The right tool for the job: my Wacom tablet. Love it!


The time spent taking the actual photos may be only a small percentage of the work that it takes to produce the final images I present to clients.



STUDIO| where I play indoors

Home to all of my toys.


My studio is small, but does the trick.


I currently have two large backdrops {white & black}, a 1-5 person grey tye-dyed backdrop that works on my stand (which is portable). I also have 5'x7' white, black, and tye-dyed brown backdrops that are on collapsible hoops and are easily portable.


My lighting system is also portable.


For in-studio work I have a light box {for product photography}, a posing beanbag and props for newborn pics, furs, a super-cool antique chest and other props and tools.



ASSISTANT| my husband, Jim


Meet Jim.

He's the one on the left, with the beard ;). Jim assists with reflector holding {which can make all the difference for some shots}, equipment babysitting, setup and retrieving, and being my second set of eyes. He is also getting his feet wet behind the camera.

Oh ...and that's our beautiful niece with him {taking graduation pics}!




"Sheri Lossing is AMAZING!!! My husband and I were blessed enough to have her photograph our wedding several years ago, and they were some of the most stunningly beautiful pictures I have ever seen!! (Seriously, they're gorgeous, look at them.) Sheri is extremely passionate and talented and she pours her heart and soul and HOURS upon hours of work into each project. Her extreme attention to detail and technical proficiency sets her work apart from the rest, but it is her heart that will make you really love her. Sheri really takes the time to get to know her clients personally, and as a result she is able to give an incredibly personalized experience to each and every person...


...I would also note that while it was our wedding she photographed, she is very versatile in the events she does, and her studio photos are just as fabulous as her outdoor shots. I have seen her photos from senior pictures, maternity shots, weddings, and even anniversary parties-- she does it all and she does it well! After what a beautiful job she did at our wedding, we insisted she take newborn pictures for our nephew, and they were absolutely amazing! She has so many props and adorable outfits that really add so much value to her shots, I really can't say enough about her baby photos; every time she posts a few pics after a shoot I can't help but oggle over them. On top of all that, Sheri's prices are extremely reasonable; for the amount of work she puts in, the personal attention to each project, and the fact that she provides digital copies of all of her final pictures (something which many photographers will not do, instead charging you to print each picture through them every time), I truly believe that Mon Sheri Designs provides some of the very best value in Michigan. If you are considering using Sheri for ANY event, I cannot recommend her enough!! I can't think of anyone who I would trust more with my precious family memories; she is and will continue to be our go to family photographer!"

Madalyn H.

wedding photos

"My fiancee and I hired Sheri to take our engagement photos and she did an amazing job! We could not be more pleased! Not only is her photography great but she was a pleasure to work with in every other aspect. She walked us thru the whole process, gave us ideas for locations and even let us pick out and send her different Pinterest ideas we had in mind :). Her communication was A+ and her professionalism was top notch! Shortly after our engagement session we booked her for our wedding....I am a huge fan of mon Sheri Design! Thank you!!"

Adam F.

wedding| engagement & wedding photography

"Sheri is a WONDERFUL woman with a heart of PURE GOLD! She was able to work with my husband and I with the little money we had and even went above and beyond by trying to make it my special day even though I wasn't able to buy one of her other packages! Definitely somebody I will hire in the future for "Due Date" pics! My sister and her brother are also in the photography business, but they couldn't be our photographers because they were in the wedding. They had suggested some of their own friends to shoot our wedding, and for about a thousand more dollars, we saw pictures that were less than quality. MonSheriDesign and photography are DEFINITELY what you want--speaking as somebody who has photography insight and references!"

Rachel J.

wedding| photography

"Sheri is fantastic to work with. She worked on a unique project for my book, photographing in black and white. Sheri took these photos and gave me a proof of the images right away. Her professionalism and timely return are great qualities to have, and I will use her again when a future project arises."

Deeann G.

author, Head-On, Stories of Alopecia

"Sheri did a wonderful job with our photos. We are a large family and she was able to accommodate our family size. She had great ideas of how to get the best shots. She was patient and Proactive on finding the best place to take outside photos and gain the best lighting. I would recommend her to everyone."

Shana M.


"Sheri had good tips for preparing for our sitting. The day of our pictures she was very relaxed and friendly making it easier to get good pictures. She has a good eye for positioning and lighting. The pictures turned out great!"

Connie H.

senior pics

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