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DIGITAL GRAPHIC DESIGN is design done in digital format. I love creating designs in digital formats for my clients. Learn more about Adobe Photoshop on more about Adobe Illustrator on more about Adobe InDesign on I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign for my work on designs, typography, vectors and photographs. Digital Graphics are the industry standard.

I have an Art background educationally and by nature, and I love creating designs in digital formats for my clients. I find that web and graphic design skills are a great combination that seamlessly work hand-in-hand on many of the jobs I do.

Sheri Lossing

Graphic Design for PRINT or WEB?

Whether you need your Graphic Design work created for the WEB or for PRINT, in most cases, you may want versions created in  formats for BOTH.  For example, if you need a LOGO, you should receive from your designer formats that are appropriate for web and formats that are for print. Even photos that appropriate for web or print are different.

An image that is not in the correct format and size for the web will load slowly and or may not have the correct resolution to present correctly.

An image that is appropriate for the web will not print crisply if used for a print project.

I will convert your images into the appropriate format(s) and sizes that you will need for your purposes.

 Learn more about Adobe Photoshop at Adobe.comAdobe Photoshop is an amazing tool with countless used. I live in Photoshop. I need to use it continually, whether I am making a website, editing photos, or creating digital designs, it is my go-to program

 Learn more about Adobe Illustrator at Adobe.comAdobe Illustrator is where I create vector images and illustrations. Vectors are the industry standard for logos and many types of graphic design work. TAP HERE to read more about vectors. Vectors are used in Graphic Design for WEB or for PRINT.

Learn more about Adobe InDesign at Adobe.comAdobe InDesign is used to create and package work for PRINT purposes.  Whether you need a pamphlet, a business card design or any number of print jobs, InDesign is where I create these and package them for your printer.


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Need a custom graphic design?

No problem! I can do that!  Whatever your GRAPHIC DESIGN need is, let’s chat and see what I can do for you! Need a custom graphic design?Not sure what you need? We can figure that out together and put a plan in place.  


  • logo
  • favicon
  • a refresh of your current graphics
  • pamphlet
  • brochure
  • business card
  • photography {pics or edits}
  • letterhead design
  • website graphics
  • animated .gif
  • website banner
  • social media banner
  • etc. & so forth…

Sky’s the limit!

Do you have the right images on your website?

Are your images web-ready?

Do you have the right images on your website? Photos for your website must be made web-ready. An image that is not in the correct format and size for the web will load slowly. I will convert your images into the appropriate format and sizes for your website.

Do you need some high-resolution images?

Images are powerful tools. A striking, high-resolution splash image can really get the attention and interest you want for your website. Even for medium to small images and graphics, quality matters. Grainy or poor-quality images reflect poorly on your company and do not make the impression you want. No worries, I can help you find appropriate images for your website.

Do you need on-site or product images?

Hiring a professional photographer may be a wise investment. This option will provide you with high resolution images that are customized and useful for both web and print purposes.



Need a Logo?

Top 5 Purposes of a LOGO Top 5 Purposes of a LOGO


  1. Recognition. Your Logo represents your company identity – your brand.
  2. Be unique. Stand out from the crowd and be noticed.
  3. Personality. Serious? Creative? Fun? Reflect your company’s personality!
  4. Professionalism. A quality Logo reflects your company’s professionalism.
  5. Impression. First impressions count.

If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

A professional Logo is an investment. It is a tool. You will use it in print, on the web, on your signs, in your advertisements. Your Logo will represent you and your business. It should make the impression you want, and it should serve you for years.

Do you have a Logo that needs some work?

I can do that!

Make it a vector. VECTOR Graphics are the industry standard. I can make your current or revised logo into a vector image.

Update your logo. I can incorporate recognizable elements of your original Logo into a fresh design.

What is a Favicon? Why should you have one?

[as defined in Wikipedia] What is a favicon?“A favicon pron.: /ˈfævɪkɒn/ (short for Favorite icon), also known as a shortcut icon, Web site icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons…Browsers that provide favicon support typically display a page’s favicon in the browser’s address bar (sometimes in the history as well) and next to the page’s name in a list of bookmarks. Browsers that support a tabbed document interface typically show a page’s favicon next to the page’s title on the tab…”

Learn more about Favicons in this excellent article.

Thankfully, creating a Favicon is no longer the fussy process it used to be. A square image of an appropriate design, quality, and format will normally do nicely. This can even be made from your Logo in some cases.

Why go through all of this? If you can get your Favicon image to show – even if it is only showing in one or two browsers, it can provide an ongoing identifier for your site (or brand) for those who visit it, bookmark it, etc. Do you ever glance across your open tabs on your computer screen or scan down your bookmark list? If you’re anything like me, Favicon recognition can speed up and effect your seek and find process.

So… what help can I offer you? If you need to have a favicon created and installed onto your website, I can do that! My hourly rates will apply to the time spent on this project, with a minimum of $20. If you also want Graphic Illustration (or Vector Graphic) work done on your Favicon, I would be happy to discuss your Graphic Illustration needs.


business card design

Need a LITTLE help?

Sample of Custom Business Card Design

McDonald Appraisal Company – business card (offset-fold)

Whether you need a little assistance or a full-service design… I can do that.
What is a LITTLE help?

If you just need a business card design {don’t need a logo or other custom graphic design}, I can use my Adobe software &|or VistaPrint’s software to create a design that suits your Logo and business. I will send you the ‘proof'(s), including options I may suggest as appropriate for your business, for your approval. I can even set up the order for you, then you can go onto their site to place your order. I will charge you separately for my design work. {View my prices page for additional design services.}


Need a LOT of help?

What is a  LOT of help?

If you need a logo or other custom graphic design {in addition to your business card design}, I can do that too! I will create a design that suits your Logo and business. I can also package your design for your own printer, if that is your preference. {View my prices page for individual design services.}

Y o u  c h o o s e .
I offer whatever degree of full-service design that suits your needs!

Excellent Service, Design Expertise and Technical Know-How

“Working with mon Sheri Design on a recent print project was a positive experience in every aspect, well deserving of 5 stars! A significant advantage for me was Sheri’s willingness to work via email. She immediately started the conversation with really great questions to understand my needs and provided intuitive feedback based on my requests. The entire process was seamless and enjoyable and the result is a print piece that I am very excited about and someone I can partner with on future collaborations.” — February 5, 2017

Liz W.

Manager of Facilities Architecture and Maintenance, Byrne

“Sheri created a website for my iphone app. I had a basic idea of what I wanted, but nothing else. Sheri designed a polished, easy to navigate multi-page website (with email) that really captured the look and feel I wanted. Sheri is very professional and easy to work with. She communicated with me at every stage of my project, incorporating my feedback, and did all this within the budget and time frame she promised. I would highly recommend mon Sheri Design to give your project a professional and personal touch!”
Mary M.

app creator, Purrfect Alarm App

“Completed the work quickly and went above and beyond my expectations. … I was very impressed with Sheri’s work product. A true professional, highly recommended….I rated Sheri 5 stars.”
Michael W.

Discovery Investigations

“Sheri is a very creative person and works closely with you to help design exactly what you are looking for. I am very happy with her services and highly recommend her. ”
Bill M.

business owner, McDonald Appraisal Company

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