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» web design

Price: Request Quote

See the chart above for details on my Website Design packages. If you need something that is not included in your package, check the à la carte items or contact me about your specific needs.

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» website maintenance plans

Price: Plans begin at $5.99/mo

I currently offer three tiers of monthly website maintenance: MSD Website Maintenance Plans: view/download PDF. If you need something that’s not included in the packages offered contact me about your specific needs.

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» website TLC

Price: $50/hr {$20 minimum} TLC = Tender Loving Care

Already have a website? Does it need a little TLC? Does it need a complete makeover? Maintaining and updating your website is part of being on the web. I offer an hourly rate when appropriate, and TLC for your current website can fall into that category. Contact me for a free consultation and estimate of services and prices. If you visit the Contact Page, you will find my contact info and contact form. I look forward to hearing your needs and proposing a plan to bring your goals to fruition!

» copy-writing

Price: Custom| varies per your need and time involved

Let me turn your notes into web-ready copy for your pages/blog/article! Website visitors don’t read. They scan. When it comes to copy-writing for a website, less is more, and every word counts.

» additional pages

Price: $60/minimum per page for pages added to packages, depending on how extensive the content is.

» additional products

Price: hourly rate or quote amount

Do you have the eCommerce package and have more than the 20 products included in your package? Additional products can be added to your website for an hourly rate. Products can take as little as five minutes to as long as days, depending on how involved your product and its details and functionality are. I’m always happy to have a look at your needs and provide an estimate.

» website

Pricing: $250 and up, depending on your needs*

Simple Portfolio Website Design — If your budget is tight and you need an online portfolio, I am happy to offer this service as a budget-friendly alternative – as long as you realize the limitations. is a user-friendly hosting and software site that is free of charge, but includes ads (unless you pay their premium/subscribe). Please remember, has a number of serious functionality limitations – depending on your needs. If this simple website option, with ads included on your website, is fine for your purpose, I can make a simple portfolio website beginning at $250 (example: $250 = one brief page with simple content plus a contact form on that page or on a separate page). *Since pricing varies depending on the specifics of your situation in regards to websites, I will need to prepare a custom quote for you if you want a website design. 

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» commercial, product, landscape photography

Let me know the specifics and I can quote a price.

» headshot

Let me know the specifics and I can quote a price.

» graphic design

Price: Request Quote

Graphic Design work will vary in price depending on the particular project. Custom work includes any of the following: Logo Design, Custom Graphic Design, Custom Graphic IllustrationFavicon, and Photography.

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» logo design

Price: $220 and up

A professional Logo is an investment. It should make the impression you want, and it should serve you for years.

My Standard Logo Design service includes initial consultation, two mock-ups and one revision of your initial choice. This is appropriate for most small or start-up businesses. Price: $220

My Custom Logo Design service includes initial consultation, three or more initial mock-ups, and unlimited revision. This is appropriate for large businesses and other custom work. Price: $50/hr. with a $220 minimum. 

Logo Refresh Do you have a logo that needs some work? Logo revision can include anything from turning your design into a vector image for practicality and versatility to a re-design that incorporates recognizable elements of your original Logo design. This service would be billed at an hourly rate as follows: Price: $50/hr. with a $220 minimum.

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» favicon

Price: beginning at $20

Thankfully, creating a Favicon is no longer the fussy process it used to be. A square image of an appropriate design, quality, and format will normally do nicely. This can even be made from your Logo in some cases.

Why go through all of this? If you can get your Favicon image to show – even if it is only showing in one or two browsers, it can provide an ongoing identifier for your site (or brand) for those who visit it, bookmark it, etc. Do you ever glance across your open tabs on your computer screen or scan down your bookmark list? If you’re anything like me, Favicon recognition can speed up and effect your seek and find process.

So… what help can I offer you? If you need to have a favicon created and installed onto your website, I can do that! My hourly rates will apply to the time spent on this project, with a minimum of $20. If you also want Graphic Illustration (or Vector Graphic) work done on your Favicon, I would be happy to discuss your Graphic Illustration needs.

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» business card design {simple}

Price: $75 & up {Please contact me for a quote that is specific to your needs.} Price includes up to 3 revisions.

The Simple Business Card package involves me creating your business card design on VistaPrint’s site. You will then be able to order your designed card directly from VistaPrint. This price does not include any custom Graphic Illustration or Logo Design work.

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» business card design {custom}

Price: Request Quote

This package is for those who require custom work on their design. Custom work includes any of the following: Logo DesignCustom Graphic Design, Photography, and using a different printer.

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» custom invitations|flyers

Price: $100 and up

Do you need a customized invitation for a wedding, shower, open house or other special occasion? Need a flyer prepared for your event or business? Let me prepare it for you! In Adobe InDesign I can insert your photos, logo, information, etc., in a customized format that combines the content and theme that is appropriate for you. I can then save it as a PDF, or whatever standard format is appropriate for your needs. If you are taking it to a professional printer I can specifically export a set of files for that purpose from InDesign. 

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» photo-book setup

I can compile|set-up a 20-page Shutterfly photo-book for $100 in most cases — for my designing services. Additional pages and some ‘extras’ will affect the price. Additional pages (beyond the included ‘up to 20 pages’) will be an additional cost of $5.00 per page for my designing services. Price includes an interactive ‘proof’ version and two sets of revisions. I will send you the ‘proof’ for your approval. I can even set up the order for you, then you can go onto their site to place your order. I will charge you separately for my design work. {View sample photo-books.}

As stated above, you are responsible to order and purchase the book as an additional expense, which will be between you and Shutterfly.

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» social media banner

Price: $100 and up

Think of it as your social media billboard. A powerful tool to display your Logo, company mission and contact information. I will integrate your logo and website design into your social media banner and install it onto your social media page for you. Don’t have a social media page? No problem! Check out my Social Media Set-Up service ! (see tab below…)

» social media|set-up

Price: $50/hr. social media page — basic set-up (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Social media provides an awesome opportunity to get your company’s ‘face‘ out there! Don’t have a social media page? No problem! Let me set up your social media site for you. I can open the account for you, add your contact info, business description or company mission statement and add your company logo or photo …then hand the reigns over to you.

Don’t want to deal with the reigns? I am happy to maintain your site on a monthly basis – or as needed. This would fall under my ‘maintenance’ services, and would entail a $50/hr. fee {$20 minimum}. As always, I am happy to cap that fee to fit your budget.

» hourly rates & quotes

Price: $50/hr* {$20 minimum}
Special pricing available for non-profits and ongoing clients on certain work.

I offer an hourly rate for certain types of web or graphic design work. I can cap the time to fit your budget. This option is nice for custom work, updates and maintenance, and addendums.
*Note: Hourly rates do not apply to all work, including most photography work.

Need a quote? Let’s find your bottom line. If you visit the Contact Page, you will find my contact info and contact form. I look forward to hearing your needs and proposing a plan to achieve your goals!

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