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Sell your products, digital downloads, or subscriptions with WordPress eCommerce!

PROJECT| Point North Photography

WEBSITE GOAL| display work & offerings |offer eCommerce products

ELEMENTS| website {up to 10 pages with up to 131 initial products} | Simple SEO 

This website will be used to display the photographer’s work. Photograph prints are offered for sale via a WordPress eCommerce store, including a cart and PayPal checkout, where customers can purchase various options in physical prints. There is also an on-site blog, contact info and form, and additional features he can use to convey his information and other offerings.

My Process| eCommerce website

Jeff is an interesting person and talented photographer. He wanted a venue to display and sell his work.

This website includes an eCommerce gallery of products, a shopping cart, and PayPal checkout to allow the purchase of his amazing prints.  The main features include a responsive and mobile-friendly design, user-friendly navigation, a customized dynamic logo container design, the attachment of a secondary domain and page to display his custom Kayak business offerings, a blog page for Jeff to post articles, and information about shipping, pricing and other specifics. The website was created using WordPress and a premium theme, ‘Divi‘… a slick, responsive theme that I have purchased developer rights to.

The Final Result| The interface is reasonably user-friendly, with a learning curve. Jeff can manage his blog and make changes to the website. I’m accessible to my clients for website maintenance and future changes, but since this would involve additional fees/billable hours, some clients like to have the option to simply hand over the website, and they take it from there.


I offer various ongoing and as-needed services for clients. For instance, I can make an instructional video demonstrating the addition of a new product or blog article for reference, create an instructional PDF for a particular need, etc. I also offer a monthly maintenance service to clients, and Jeff has decided to use this service.

Click the button below and to visit Jeff’s live website and view his beautiful photographs!

Point North Photography

“Truly a pleasure working with Sheri. I know very little about creating a website so I was relieved when I told her this and she took it from there. Made suggestions along the way educating me in a very polite respectful way. She handles all updates needed on a monthly basis making all this possible for me to have an online presence and looking professional. Thank you Sheri for being so easy to work with!”

Jeff W.

owner| photographer, Point North Photography




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