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PROJECT| Poetry in a Picture

WEBSITE GOAL| display and eCommerce

ELEMENTS| :: website {6-page with 40 initial products} :: logo design :: favicon design

This website will be used to display the photographer’s work. There is also an eCommerce {shop} page, including a cart and PayPal checkout, where customers can purchase digital downloads of select images. There is also an on-site blog, contact info and form, and additional features and tools he can use to convey his personality and information.

My Process| eCommerce website

Andrew {Andy} is a creative person who loves photography. He wanted a venue to share his pictures and provide an eCommerce {shop} page where digital downloads can be purchased of his work.

This eCommerce website features a gallery {shop} page with a shopping cart and PayPal checkout to allow the purchase and digital download of photos.  The website has a ‘splash’ page for the home {landing} page that is simple yet eye-catching. This splash page includes navigation to the other website pages plus a minor amount of carefully chosen information. The main features include simple and user-friendly navigation { home | about | gallery | license | contact } pages, and a blog page for Andy to post ongoing articles. The website is built in WordPress, includes WooCommerce, is hosted on GoDaddy, and uses a slick, responsive theme that I have purchased developer rights to.

The final result is a WordPress website that I handed the reigns over on. With a reasonable amount of determination and learning he should be able to manage his blog and make minor changes to the website. The interface is fairly user-friendly, with a learning curve. I am accessible to my clients for website maintenance and future changes, but since this would involve additional fees/billable hours, some clients like to have the option to simply hand over the website, and they take it from there.


This is not an ongoing project for me, unless I am brought back in for updates or future work on the website. The appearance of the site is likely to change regularly, though, in the aspect of which photos are currently displayed and available, I assume, but all of these decisions are up to Andy in the future.

So… click the button below and see what Andy has done with his website!


“She is very concerning and professional about every aspect of the project!”

Andrew E.

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