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If your business does not have a website, you are losing business.

If your business has a bad website, you are losing business.

In today’s market, a good website is huge. Furthermore, a responsive website is essential * if you want to capture the mobile market. What is the mobile market? The millions of cell-phone and tablet users.

Is your website responsive? - Is Your Website Doing Its JobI cringe when I visit sites that are not functioning properly, have a poor design, or are not responsive. Seriously, I cringe. I see red flags and I want to flee… or stay and fix it.

Unfortunately for many companies who have put website updates on the back burner, my reaction is not at all singular to me. Modern consumers are pretty tech-savvy, and there is a good chance that many of them will be visiting your site on a mobile device or tablet. If your website is not responsive it will present poorly on a mobile device. If you go to a website and you have to scroll way to the right to see the width of the page, or it is doing odd things on your device, there is a very good chance you will not be impressed. There is also a good chance you will leave that website. Not exactly the reaction we want someone to have when they visit our business website.

Your website should instantly convey the feel — the personality, so to speak — of your business. It should be obvious what you sell and how visitors can contact you. If your business is brick-and-mortar, website visitors may want to quickly find your map, hours, phone or other relevant information. They may want to see reviews, read about your company history, or view samples of your work.

A few things to consider:If your business has a bad website, you are losing business. - Is Your Website Doing Its Job

Do visitors to your website see grainy or outdated photos?
Are your graphics and design engaging and attractive or boring and poorly done?
When was the last time you updated your website, and what major changes have happened in web design since?
• Is your information all up to date?
• Are there any broken links or missing items?
• Does your logo – your brand identity – need a refresh?

I love the enthusiasm of my clients as they enjoy their ‘new’ website! - Is Your Website Doing Its JobI find website updates to be extremely satisfying. Re-thinking everything from navigation and layout to images and branding can be quite a challenge. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes and a creative touch can make all the difference. I love the enthusiasm of my clients as they enjoy their new website!

Your website is an investment and a powerful tool. It may be easy to ignore or postpone addressing updates or getting a website made, but if your business does not have a good website, you are losing business.
Can you afford that?

Sheri Lossing {designer} - Is Your Website Doing Its Job


* Responsive = mobile-ready — the website content re-sizes to the device you are viewing it on

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