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Currently offering commercial, product, & landscape photography

I also offer on-site headshot photography for my business clients.



EQUIPMENT| methods



primary camera

This is my go-to camera.

The Nikon D810 is an amazing camera and my favorite new toy. My favorite lenses are my Nikon 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 85mm & 24mm.





2nd camera

I generally use the Nikon D7100 as my camera as back-up and to switch out lenses.

I normal use it with my 50mm or 85mm lens {close-up or low light}, 24-70mm, or 300mm lens. For event photography I often tether both cameras to me with a strap system so I can quickly switch as needed.




Adobe Photoshop & Wacom Tablet

{ RAW }

I shoot in raw format {as opposed to .jpg}. In raw a digital camera picks up additional detail that can be brought out in processing.


I process all of my final images through both Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop, checking each for color, detail, exposure and many other details. I also do touch-up and full-out surgery as I deem fitting to the particular image(s).


My other essential tool? A drawing tablet. Many types of photo-edits can get super detailed. When you get in those situations a mouse is far too inaccurate and will not only make you crazy, it will make some edits nearly if not entirely impossible. The right tool for the job: my Wacom tablet. Love it!


The time spent taking the actual photos may be only a small percentage of the work that it takes to produce the final images I present to clients.



STUDIO| where I play indoors

Home to all of my toys.


My studio is small, but does the trick.


I currently have two large backdrops {white & black}, a 1-5 person grey tye-dyed backdrop that works on my stand (which is portable). I also have 5'x7' white, black, and tye-dyed brown backdrops that are on collapsible hoops and are easily portable.


My lighting system is also portable.


For in-studio work I have a light box {for product photography}, a posing beanbag and props for newborn pics, furs, a super-cool antique chest and other props and tools.



ASSISTANT| my husband, Jim


Meet Jim.

He's the one on the left, with the beard ;). Jim assists with reflector holding {which can make all the difference for some shots}, equipment babysitting, setup and retrieving, and being my second set of eyes. He is also getting his feet wet behind the camera.

Oh ...and that's our beautiful niece with him {taking graduation pics}!



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ME| in brief

Mon Sheri Design
Sheri Lossing
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Web Design & Development
Digital Graphics Communication


2015| Mon Sheri Design| photography Awarded a Best of 2015 Award —  “based on great customer reviews”  {Sheri Lossing}

Thumbtack Best Pro | 2015
Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015


2016| Mon Sheri Design| photography Awarded a Best of 2016 Award —  “based on great customer reviews”  {Sheri Lossing}


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