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First Impressions Count

When writing for the web, the words you choose will be the way users ‘read’ you – literally.

Less Is More

Choose your words carefully. Use simple sentences. Step back from and revisit your copy. Sometimes words are overly precious to us when we write them. Be ruthless. Try cutting your copy in half, and perhaps in half again.  This brings clarity and focus to the words that remain.

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Grab Their Attention

Killer headlines are powerful tools.

Users Don’t Read, They Scan

Make sure your content is easy to scan. Keep this in mind as you write. Add headlines, bold or italicized print, bullets, toggling, tabs or other formatting techniques that lend themselves to easy and efficient scanning. If you want them to seek more information, utilize techniques that will direct them to that information in their scanning process.

Use Your Words… Correctly

Poor grammar, incorrect spelling, and typos are fatal errors. Users will be unimpressed, and you risk appearing unprepared and sloppy.

It Is What It Is

Your copy needs to be clear, correct and well-written, but users are not looking for great literature. They are not reading a book, they are utilizing a website.

Realize Your Limitations

If your writing skills  are weak, seek help in writing your copy. Hire a copywriter if you need.

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